Russia preparing for future confrontation with Western powers – Ukraine Intel

The war Russia has been waging in Ukraine is only the first phase of a possible future confrontation with the West and NATO countries in Europe, Chief of the Main Intelligence Department of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Vadym Skibytskiy said on Espreso.TV.

This year, the intelligence agencies of many countries have made the same evaluation as the Canadian experts. Our Canadian colleagues have once again proved that many of the measures which Russia has been taking in Ukraine, the Baltic States and the post-Soviet countries is a demonstration of strength and Russia’s will to defend its interests by all means, including military force,” said the military intelligence chief.

The official said this suggestion is supported not only by the statements but also by the large-scale operational and combat training, in particular building-up the Group of Russian Forces in the south-western and western directions.

Full article: Russia preparing for future confrontation with Western powers – Ukraine Intel (UNIAN)

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