‘Non-deployable’ soldiers becoming problematic for US Army

Medical problems are keeping too many US Army soldiers from deployment and, as the overall force shrinks, the numbers are beginning to affect unit manning levels, a top service official said.

The US Army has about 187,700 soldiers deployed across the world (about 25,000 are National Guard and Reserve personnel). However, the service also has around 100,000 soldiers (around 10% total) considered to be ‘non-deployable’, about 80% of those are due to medical problems, General Daniel Allyn, army vice-chief of staff, told reporters on 21 June.

When end-strength levels were higher, the service was able to keep formations at 110-115% manning levels, meaning it could absorb 10% non-deployable soldiers and still field a fully manned unit.

Full article: ‘Non-deployable’ soldiers becoming problematic for US Army (IHS Jane’s 360)

Note: Viewing the full article requires payment. Global Geopolitics benefits in no way.

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