Congress Warns Russia Over ‘Provocative’ Military Action Against U.S. Forces

Russian intercepts of U.S. military craft sparks anger on Capitol Hill

A bipartisan delegation of leading senators is spearheading an effort to hold Russia accountable for a recent series of provocative military action against U.S. forces stationed across the globe, according to a new congressional measure that demands Moscow cease the “dangerous and unprofessional” activity targeting American forces.

The Russian air force has become increasingly aggressive against the United States in recent months, culminating in an April incident in which a Russian military plane performed a dangerous barrel roll over an American reconnaissance plane, coming within 100 feet of the U.S. plane.

The resolution—backed by Senate Foreign Relations Committee members David Perdue (R., Ga.), Cory Gardner (R., Colo.), Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), Bob Menendez (D., N.J.), and Jim Risch (R., Idaho)—calls on Russia to stop endangering U.S. forces and makes clear that the United States has a right to operate in all international waters and airspace.

“Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has become increasingly assertive and aggressive militarily,” Perdue said in a statement provided to the Washington Free Beacon. “We’ve recently seen Russian military personnel taunting U.S. military units with provocative military maneuvers.”

“Not only are these actions irresponsible, they endanger the lives of American and Russian soldiers alike and fly in the face of decades-long agreements between our two nations,” Perdue said. “Further, Russia continues to build up its military and cyber capabilities, and poses direct challenges to stated U.S. interests. Today, we come together to condemn Russia’s provocative and antagonistic behavior.”

Full article: Congress Warns Russia Over ‘Provocative’ Military Action Against U.S. Forces (Washington Free Beacon)

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