Russia is preparing for WAR and could DEMOLISH Eastern Europe in 60 hours, report warns

It sure is a boost of confidence to know NATO is bolstering its frontline with hundreds of troops good for a small-scale attack, whereas tens of thousands of Russian troops are ready to pour in for a large-scale attack.

This is exactly one of a few reasons why we’re seeing the rise of an EU Army, led by Germany’s Fourth Reich. NATO is proving itself to be an unreliable joke.

Russia is building its military and could roll through the Baltic region in 60 hours, report says | Getty


RUSSIA “is mobilising for war” and could demolish the Baltic states “within 60 hours”, according to terrifying a new security report.Hundreds more troops could be pumped into Eastern Europe to bolster NATO forces amid fears that Russia is gearing-up for a large-scale attack.

The shocking report, published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), warns the Kremlin is not simply “modernising its military”, it is preparing for war.

NATO is currently undertaking Operation Anakonda in Eastern Europe – a multi-national military exercise involving Polish, Turkish, Canadian, British and American troops.

Up to 4,000 troops envisioned to make up a NATO force in the region but another report from military think tank The Rand Corporation states it would act as nothing more than “a speed bump” in the face of an expansionist attack by Vladimir Putin.

The Rand Corporation believes the Baltic states could be overrun by Putin’s forces “within 60 hours”.

But NATO could bolster the initial troops with 40,000 more made up of a rapid-response force in case of emergency.

The CSIS report, entitled 2018 Security Outlook, states: “Russia is not modernising its military primarily to extend its capacity to pursue hybrid warfare.

“It is modernising conventional military capability on a large scale; the state is mobilising for war.”

It added: “Western assessments that Russia is vulnerable to economic collapse and disruptive internal discontent are exaggerated.”

“Russia is adapting to adversity; the economy is deliberately tilted to security rather than economic freedom.”

Full article: Russia is preparing for WAR and could DEMOLISH Eastern Europe in 60 hours, report warns (Express)

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