Air Force Says It Recovered Trove of Files in Corrupted Database

The service is still investigating how files from more 100,000 inspector general cases — and their backups — became corrupted.

In a short, four-sentence statement released midday on Wednesday, service officials said the Air Force continues to investigate the embarrassing incident in which the files and their backups were corrupted.

“Through extensive data recovery efforts over the weekend and this week, the Air Force has been able to regain access to the data in the Air Force Inspector General Automated Case Tracking System (ACTS),” the statement reads.

“They’ve been working nonstop since they got called in here a few days ago,” Gen. Mark Welsh said at a Defense Writers Group breakfast.

Once the database is deemed stable, it will be brought back online, the statement said.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this data recovered and there won’t be a long-term impact, other than making sure we understand exactly what happened, how it happened and how we keep it from ever happening again,” Welsh said.

Full article: Air Force Says It Recovered Trove of Files in Corrupted Database (Defense One)

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