Preparing for the Next Islamist Terrorist Attack in America

Attacks by radical Islam have been happening all over the world for years.  Those attacks have finally come to the shores of America.

Imagine a scenario in which such a massacre is multiplied ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred times, in locations all across the United States.

A tweet goes out to 100,000 potential Islamic terrorists, each with instructions to inflict as much damage to human life as possible.  Police, emergency services, hospitals are overwhelmed with dealing with the carnage inflicted.  Support services, such as utilities, water, transportation and the food supply are suddenly cut off or severely limited.

Impossible?  In the day of instant social, this nightmare scenario is suddenly very real.  One day’s coverage of the massacre in Orlando, Florida reveals that United States citizens are woefully unprepared for even the most limited of mass terror attacks.

TRUNEWS co-host Doc Burkhart had the opportunity to speak with Heaven’s Harvest founder Clayton Llewellyn, to talk about how ordinary families can be prepared for an extended period of time where food resources may be limited.

In the conversation, the topic of survival and food is discussed at length.  A basic plan of ‘one week-one month-one year’ for preparedness is outlined, as Clayton explains how the Heaven’s Harvest food buckets can help families make it through basic periods.

Full article: Preparing for the Next Islamist Terrorist Attack in America (TruNews)

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