EU SUPERSTATE (step 1): Fury over plans for European-wide ‘tax harmonisation’

The United States of Europe is well underway and its respective European Army now under construction — all courtesy of Germany’s Fourth Reich. The tax harmonization scheme, in this case, is one of the needed economic cornerstones of the new European superstate.

If you’re been following Global Geopolitics for a few years now this will have come as no surprise. The only new element is that we’re no longer in the planning stage, but somewhere between the deployment and implementation phases.


PROPOSALS to introduce a European Union-wide tax system has infuriated British taxpayers – who fear the move is yet another flagrant step in Brussels’ attempt to build a Euro-superstate.

The controversial system, which is described in EU documents as the “harmonisation of European taxation”, was put forward by the EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee last week.

The group’s explanatory statement reads: “Building economic and monetary union must be achieved through a harmonisation of European taxation. Fair and effective corporate taxation must become the cornerstone of the single market.

“If we are to have a reliable single market, the Member States must come to an agreement on tax matters. A coordinated and harmonised approach to the implementation of tax systems is vital in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the single market and the success of the capital markets union.”

Another aspect of the proposal, a EU taxpayer ID, has also rankled British taxpayers, with UKIP finance spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP blasted the plan as a “shameless” attempt to create a “European super-state.”

He said: “This is a shameless attempt to create a centralised EU tax system. By forcing an EU taxpayer ID – effectively a new continental National Insurance number – on every European the EU is laying the foundations for a European tax and making no apologies for it.

“Mr Cameron is peddling lies. This is no reformed EU, a European super-state is the end goal. It already has a Parliament, a currency and a flag. A centralised tax system is currently being implemented followed swiftly by a fully-fledged standing army. There is no such thing as voting for the status quo. Don’t take the risk. Vote Leave.”

Full article: EU SUPERSTATE (step 1): Fury over plans for European-wide ‘tax harmonisation’ (Express)

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