Royal Navy intercepts Russia submarine in the Straits of Dover

VLADIMIR Putin has sent an submarine loaded with missiles into the heart of the English Channel, sparking fears over a second Cold War.

Military insiders say the deadly submarine – which has the capability to launch surface-to-air missiles – had been monitored since Sunday when it left its base in Severmorsk, northern Russia.

It was accosted by HMH Kent as it made its way down England’s eastern coastline.

The Russian vessel will be guided through the Dover Straits at 10am today under close scrutiny from British sailors.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon hailed the Royal Navy for protecting Britain from Putin’s postulating.

He said: ““This shows that the Navy is maintaining a vigilant watch in international and territorial waters to keep Britain safe and protect us from potential threats.”

HMS Kent’s Commanding Officer, Commander Daniel Thomas, added: “Locating this submarine was a combined effort with NATO allies and shadowing such units is routine activity for the Royal Navy.

“We continue to escort the submarine as it conducts its passage, providing a visible presence.”

It is the first time in more than a decade that one of Putin’s subs has been spotted in the Channel.

The daring move comes after the Moscow leader has spent the last year ramping up his threats to Britain.

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