Spain launches ‘anti-English’ campaign to drive out foreign words

The advert looks like a classic perfume pitch: a sultry blonde gazes at the camera from behind pink silk drapes as a female voiceover says: “Every night a new woman is born within you…”

Then the voice announces the name of the magic fragrance: “Swine, by Rebecca Robinson”.

The made-up perfume advert is part of a new video campaign aimed to shock Spaniards into realising that they are allowing a swathe of English words to invade everyday situations, even if they often don’t know what they mean or why they are better than traditional Spanish terms.

The video, made by Spain’s RAE language academy, charged with protecting the purity of Spanish, starts by pointing out how deeply English has already pervaded everyday conversation.

A montage reels off dozens of words such as “brainstorming”, “branding” and “community manager”, as well as examples of typical advertising speak including “anti-age” and “eco-friendly”.

To shame Spaniards into seeing the error of their ways, the RAE commissioned two fake advertising campaigns, for Swine perfume and Sunset Style men’s sunglasses.

Those poor fashion victims “hypnotised by the Anglicisms” clicked for free samples on the advertisements’ websites, upon which they were shown receiving perfume with the explanation of its unique fragrance written in Spanish inside the box, or, in the case of the sunglasses “with blind effect”, realising that the shades did not allow the wearer to see a thing.

“There’s only one mother tongue”, the RAE states jubilantly, urging Spaniards to banish hated and, it claims, unnecessary imports.

Full article: Spain launches ‘anti-English’ campaign to drive out foreign words (The Telegraph)

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    Take a hint from this. America better wake up and declare English as the official language, or President Trump should do so by executive order. Who knows, in Spain, Spanish language might soon be replaced with the scribble of the invaders.