Soros behind violent Trump protests – again

Please see the source for the video.

(TRUNEWS) Protesters gathered outside of a rally in Albuquerque last night to demonstrate against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.  They threw rocks and bottles at police, as they tried to storm the convention center by knocking down barricades.   Several officers were hurt.

The agitators carried signs that read “Trump is the face of white supremacy” and “fascist not welcome on native land”.  But the signs weren’t handwritten on poster board. They appeared to be pre-produced. On the bottom, they said “”.

“PSL” is an acronym for “Party for Socialism and Liberation”, which is funded by George Soros, according to The Conservative Treehouse.   They believe capitalism “is the source of the main problems confronting humanity today”, as stated on their website.

Other Soros’ supported groups were present, included “The Red Nation”.

Full article: Soros behind violent Trump protests – again (TruNews)

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