Is THIS democracy? Germany planning EU takeover by seizing MORE top roles

It’s always amazing to see how slow people come around to waking up and seeing what’s happening around them. Imagine the outrage after the slow thinking politicians in Europe realize Germany has controlled 2/3 of the Troika for over a decade now.


You have not anchored Germany to Europe,… You have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work.

– Margaret Thatcher


The year is 2016 and Europe is now dominated by Germany again.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.


GERMANY has been accused of orchestrating a takeover of the EU by taking control of five key roles.

Worried Eurocrats have warned politicians now “need to be German and a socialist” to gain a position of power within the organisation – which has also been described as an “insult to diversity.”

The concerns were raised after the German president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz announced his desire for longtime aide and fellow German Markus Winkler to become deputy secretary general.

He is also proposing Monika Strasser as the next director for budgetary affairs and and wants to parachute several other Germans into the Parliament’s administration.

This comes at a time when Klaus Welle is already the institution’s top civil servant, while the European People’s Party, which is the parliament’s biggest group, is run by Manfred Weber.

The planned influx of Germans to the Parliament’s most important positions has startled Eurocrats, including Philippe Lamberts, the Belgian president of the European Green party.

Another said: “This has never been seen before. Even at the Commission, this would make people speechless.”

Schultz, however, rejected claims he was attempting to fill the Parliament with German politicians.

Full article: Is THIS democracy? Germany planning EU takeover by seizing MORE top roles (Express)

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