Saudi Arabia behind rise of radical Islam in Kosovo

In 1999, NATO invaded the area, which resulted in Kosovo becoming independent.  The U.S., under President Bill Clinton, led the charge. At that time,  most of the people in the country were pro-American, according to the New York Times.  They were considered to be moderate.

Now, the Saudis have spread Wahhabism throughout the land, and people are joining ISIS. In the past few years 314 people, including women and children, have joined the group, which is the highest number in Europe.

“They promoted political Islam,” said Fatos Makolli. “They spent a lot of money to promote it through different programs mainly with young, vulnerable people, and they brought in a lot of Wahhabi and Salafi literature. They brought these people closer to radical political Islam, which resulted in their radicalization.”

The agenda was funded by donations from charities and government ministries.

The main goal of their activity is to create conflict between people,” said Idriz Bilalli, an imam in Podujevo.  “This first creates division, and then hatred, and then it can come to what happened in Arab countries, where war starts because of these conflicting ideas.

Full article: Saudi Arabia behind rise of radical Islam in Kosovo (TruNews)

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