Chinese will soon have nuclear subs in South China Sea


If their goals are reached, China will have a strike capability only matched by Russia and the U.S., and will possess what is called a nuclear triad – ground, air and sea-launched nuclear weapons, as reported by The Daily Beast. 

“The theory is that a diverse array of delivery systems creates survivability by complicating a first strike,” said Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on nuclear geopolitics with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

It is harder for an enemy to wipe out all the weapons in a first strike, so it serves as a deterrent.

The Chinese are also considering the construction of a network of ship and subsurface sensors that could block U.S. and Russian submarines.  It has been dubbed the “Underwater Great Wall Project”.

Full article: Chinese will soon have nuclear subs in South China Sea (TruNews)

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