World Economy Melting Down


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have indeed sparked my curiosity. With both the velocity of money and the trading volume declining since 1998, this seems to be a very dangerous position and your work is really eye opening. I read your Transactional Banking and it seems that this has changed everything for the worse. Your Big Bang seems to have been on target starting with 2015.75 as that was the peak in government and we have seen a further decline in economic growth. With trading volume bottoming in 2014 and your War Cycle turning up also in 2014, the picture is starting to come into focus. Your warning of a Phase Transition building is also starting to make sense for the volume is at the lows not the highs and it appears you are forecasting a big rush out of government debt into private. I think I am beginning to see the future and this looks crazy indeed. Am I on the right track?

ANSWER: Yes, you are on the right track. We are caught in a riptide of events that we cannot escape from. The bigger picture connects all these models together. Our political models and war cycle, as well as the transactional banking evolution and sovereign debt crisis, are lining up to reshape the future in a way I had hoped would be wrong. We held the Solution Conference to show the way out. It gives me no pleasure in bringing all of this together. I cannot simply reduce this to a single cause and effect. This is not even about one country; it is primitive to talk about the dollar and how it will crash and burn without any comprehension of the real trend in motion on a global scale. Politicians are doing whatever they can to make this insanity worse. Merkel is allowing a cultural invasion of Europe and she will not stop. The G20 as of January 1, 2017, will track every dime globally and share info on everyone for taxes.

This is why we will be putting this all together at this year’s World Economic Conference. It is an amazing picture, no doubt. Whatever could go wrong is going wrong. The vast majority of people will lose everything — that is just the way it goes. The model is designed to give us the CONFIRMING points (e.g. if this happens, then this will occur). So when you approach this globally, only then will the trend make your eyes pop open. It appears 2017 is opening the door. Nobody has ever lived through such an event, so I do not understand how it is even possible to do this from an “opinion” perspective. To survive, we need a comprehensive global model you can see.

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