Iranian military chief says US is sole enemy, getting weaker

For once ignoring Israel, a top Iranian military chief told foreign diplomats on Wednesday that America is Iran’s sole enemy, and that it is getting weaker.

Ali Fadavi, naval commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said in Tehran, according to the Fars news agency: “We don’t see any enemy but the Americans,” as underlined by “the (hostile) official remarks of the US officials and the trend of their actions.”

The US, Fadavi added, is uniquely ready to trample other countries’ interests to serve its own, but is less powerful than in the past, Fars reported. “The world nations can confidently resist against the US bullying and what is against their interests,” he said.

Fadavi’s remarks castigating the US followed similar comments by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 10 days ago, except that Khamenei, while calling the United States the Middle East’s main enemy, cited the “Zionist regime” as a close second.

Full article: Iranian military chief says US is sole enemy, getting weaker (The Times of Israel)

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