Royal Navy Fires Warning Shot At Spanish Boat In Gibraltar

The Royal Navy has fired a warning shot at a Spanish patrol boat which sailed too close to a US nuclear-powered submarine as it sailed in waters off Gibraltar.

Flares were fired across the bow of the Spanish Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena as it twice attempted to sail across the front of the ballistic missile submarine USS Florida.

The Royal Navy’s HMS Sabre was sent to intercept the boat and the Spanish vessel then retraced its course away from the submarine.

Then a second Spanish patrol boat also got in the ships way – on this occasion a flare was fired by the Royal Navy to warn the boat that it needed to change its course.

This incident is believed to have taken place outside of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters but could still be seen from the rock.

According to The Sun, a source told them:

“This is not only a very dangerous game for the Spanish to play but it is unbecoming of a NATO ally to treat the US Navy with such contempt.”

Full article: Royal Navy Fires Warning Shot At Spanish Boat In Gibraltar (Forces TV)

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