Martin Armstrong: Global unrest until 2032

(TRUNEWS) Renegade economist Martin Armstrong says America — and the rest of the world — will experience 16 years of civil unrest, not fading until 2032.

Armstrong’s statements were made during an exclusive interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS  on Monday, while sharing his analysis of the war, civil unrest, and business cycles; and the future they predict for the United States.

In addition to four election cycles of civil unrest and social upheaval, Armstrong said economic power will have also shifted from the US to Asia by 2032, seeing an initial shockwave as early as 2018 — and going into full swing by 2020.

Martin Armstrong: “This is when, what you’ll most likely see is a very sharp, first a decline in the dollar right now, then the dollar will turn around and go up dramatically, and as it goes up dramatically thats when you get the political reforms, for example you had Bretten Woods, Roosevelt confiscated gold, devalued the dollar in 1934 because the dollar went up so high. 1985 what do you see? The dollar went up so high the British pound went up fell to par, what was the result? They formed G5, at the Plaza Accord. So, theres always some sort of major upset, and 2018 is when that comes into play. So from there on were looking at serious changes, if the dollar goes up very sharply the two countries that are against the dollar being a reserve currency are effectively China and Russia. But, I can tell you whats going on behind the curtains already is that the Federal reserve is complaining that the dollar shouldn’t be the reserve currency because they get lobbied that they can’t raise interest rates for the domestic economy, because its going to hurt other countries. So, ya know, were beginning to realize that when the dollar is the only game in town, what happens is that you lose domestic policy objectives for international.”

During the interview Martin Armstrong also said:

  • Governments and crony capitalists have majorly manipulated markets since 1970.
  • World is currently ripe for revolution, people want change, will take any change.
  • GOP establishment have lost ability to control Republican party, and will likely fracture before 2020.

  • Major swings in third party activity every 52 years.
  • Witnessing final stage of socialism, Marxist system in complete collapse.
  • Tax rate is directly correlated to GDP; higher tax rate — lower the GDP.
  • American is in decline, every empire must fall.
  • Super powers throughout history and the economic shifts: Rome fell to Constantinople, Constantinople fell to India, India fell to China, China fell to Britain, Britain fell to USA, USA is currently falling to China, real GDP will soon surpass US.
  • China rose, and Russia did not, because Beijing introduced parts of Western capitalism including business ownership and partially refrained from major market manipulation.
  • Civil unrest cycle peaks in 2020.
  • Europe may fall to Islam. Mohammad #1 name in London for new kids.
  • USA will likely break up, country has become too divided by social and cultural values.

  • War cycle heating up; as global depression spreads so will war. Middle East will be focus, as well as Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Japan and China will have showdown over control of Asian Sphere. Battle against ISIS and radical Islam looming.

  • Business cycle turned down on September 30th 2015, will bottom by 2020.
  • Business cycle turned down Sept 30 2015, 4 year decline bottoming by 2020.
  • Next economic crisis will hit the bond market, not the stock market, as governments — both locally and nationally — default from their debt burdens.
  • 4 elections which can shake the world: 1) June 23rd British referendum. 2) November American elections 3) April/May 2017 French elections. 4) August 2017 German elections.
  • Martin Armstrong ended the interview by noting that the period between 2017 and 2020 will be the most dangerous time of the next decade. He said he plans to stay in the US, and highly recommends any stable area where the population does not heavily rely on government and is not overly socialistic.

Martin Arthur Armstrong is the the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd., once leading multinational corporate advisor with offices in Paris, London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He was hailed as Economist of the Decade and was Hedge Fund Manager of the year in 1998 after correctly forecasting the collapse of Russia that led to the implosion of Long Term Capital Management. His advice has been sought by numerous governments with regards to the global economy from China to even the US Congress. Armstrong is the developer of the Economic Confidence Model based on business cycles and best known for calling the crash of 1987 to the very day. He was subsequently imprisoned for refusing to turn this predictive algorithm over to the US government, and his story has since been chronicled in the recent documentary “The Forecaster”.


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