Brexit Leader: ‘Keep Sending Obama Over’

Brexit leaders are thrilled President Barack Obama came out against them, because they are seeing a bounce in the polls.

Arron Banks, the British entrepreneur leading a grassroots effort to leave the European Union, said he hopes the president continues urging the United Kingdom to remain a member state, during a trip to Washington last weekend. Banks, the chairman of Leave.EU, met with government officials and think tanks to gain support for “Brexit,” the movement to leave the European Union, when the U.K. votes on the EU referendum on June 23.

Banks said issues of immigration and economics should make Americans invested in whether its oldest ally leaves the EU.

“I think it’s hugely important geopolitically because the European Union is developing into a kind of United States of Europe, and that’s something the British are naturally pretty anti,” Banks told the Washington Free Beacon. “And it’s really come down to the point where most of our laws are now being made in Brussels—65 percent. Our ultimate court is in France and we’ve got open borders to 500 million people. So clearly immigration is a massive issue, it’s not dissimilar to a lot of the stuff they are discussing with Trump, in the sense of [how] some of these issues resonate.”

“The president of the European Union has never been elected. So there’s a massive democratic deficit,” he said. “Can you imagine in America that you just have an appointed president, it wouldn’t be popular, would it?”

“He basically said if you leave the European Union you’ll go to the back of the trade queue,” Banks said. “Number one, we don’t particularly like being threatened in our home doorstep. Number two, everyone was slightly confused why he used the word queue and not line. It led to a lot of discussion whether he had just been given it to read. So I think he was briefed obviously by the British government, and it was a favor.”

“But since his appearance polls have actually gone in the other direction,” Banks added. “We need to hear more from him, really. Send him back for another go, we’d be delighted to see him again.”

Full article: Brexit Leader: ‘Keep Sending Obama Over’ (Washington Free Beacon)

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