Merkel says Germany ready to reinforce NATO eastern flank

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday that Germany was considering sending troops to Lithuania as part of a NATO mission to reinforce the alliance’s eastern flank with Russia.

However Merkel stressed that any deployment should aim to avoid enflaming tensions with Moscow.

“We are currently reviewing how we can continue our engagement and perhaps even bolster it… in order to ensure the security of all (NATO) states, particularly in the east,” she said.

Merkel was speaking to reporters after talks with Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis, and after her spokesman confirmed media reports that Berlin was considering a deployment to Lithuania.

Poland in particular has recently pressed NATO to establish “as permanent as possible” a presence in the former communist states once ruled from Moscow to counter a growing threat from Russia after its intervention in Ukraine.

Russia’s takeover of the Crimean peninsula in early 2014 sparked fears NATO was too slow and unwieldy to meet the challenge posed by a more assertive Moscow.

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