Uranium Thieves Arrested In Soviet Material Selloff


Georgia’s security service said on Thursday (April 28) it had detained a group of five Georgian citizens who were trying to sell $3 million worth of the radioactive materials uranium-238 and uranium-235.

Georgia’s security service did not say whether the group had a buyer for the radioactive materials. Nor did it say where the group had acquired it.

Georgia is a former member of the Soviet Union and world leaders have been concerned about the security of Soviet nuclear weapons and stockpiles since it broke up in 1991.


Georgia’s security service detained six Georgian and Armenian citizens who were trying to sell $200 million worth of radioactive materials earlier this month.

“Five citizens of Georgia were detained in Kobuleti (Georgia) at the moment of an illegal sale of the radioactive substance Uranium. The abovementioned persons were detained as they brought the substance to an apartment in Kobuleti in an attempt to sell it,” security service investigator Savle Motiashvili told a news briefing.

Full article: Uranium Thieves Arrested In Soviet Material Selloff (TruNews)

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