U.S. Steel Giant Charges That Chinese Government Stole Company Secrets

U.S. Steel Corp accused the Chinese government of hacking into a company computer to steal the blueprints for new lightweight steel technology so that Beijing-based auto producers could expand their reach into America.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that U.S. Steel filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission earlier this week accusing the Xi government of working on the behalf of Chinese auto companies to swipe proprietary plans for the new steel.

The Pittsburgh-based company alleges the hack infiltrated a researcher’s computer in 2011.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The ITC, an independent agency that reviews and enforces U.S. trade policy, has within 30 calendar days to decide whether to launch an investigation. The agency typically investigates complaints. U.S. Steel says it expects any ITC probe resulting from its complaint “to reveal that the Chinese government disseminated U.S. Steel’s trade secrets to” Chinese steelmakers, “enabling them to manufacture [lightweight steels] that [compete] with U.S. Steel’s products.”

Full article: U.S. Steel Giant Charges That Chinese Government Stole Company Secrets (Washington Free Beacon)

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