EU Conducts Military Exercises Based on Civil War Theories

Aside from the social unrest, we see a bit more evidence of further integration of EU member states.

While not wanting to predict or project too much, if it proves to be successful, we could be looking at the birth of some sort of EU-wide national guard. We already do know, however, an EU Army is being formed for a United States of Europe. It would make sense to have this at a national level under a nation called Europe, not a continent. Guess where all roads still lead to in the end: Berlin.

The original article in German will be posted below.

Für die, die Deutsch lesen kann, steht der originales Artikel ganz unten.


It’s coming. About 600 members of European police units and military have carried out in North Rhine-Westphalia assault exercises intended to crackdown on civil unrest in Germany and other EU countries.

The scenarios under which they are carrying out these exercises are based upon civil war-like conditions. Instead of reforms, they are digging in their heals for a fight. This is how all government fail. They historically turn against the people they ultimately see as an enemy when they demand political change or action.

Full article: EU Conducts Military Exercises Based on Civil War Theories (Armstrong Economics)


Auf Deutsch:

Polizeieinheiten und Militärs der EU haben in NRW eine Übung für einen Bürgerkriegsfall in Deutschland durchgeführt. Der linke Bundestagsabgeordnete Andrej Hunko protestiert über die Geheimhaltung, weil ihm der Zutritt zum Übungsplatz verwehrt wurde.

Quelle: EU-Militär probt für Bürgerkrieg in Deutschland (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten)

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