4 ways Iran is becoming a Persian Empire

We may be looking at the Biblically prophesied King of the South, as written in the book of Daniel.




(TRUNEWS) Has the recent lifting of oil sanctions; and their inclusion in the Eurasian Trade Zone, launched Iran toward becoming a modern resurgence of the Persian Empire?

On the Tuesday edition of TRUNEWS, guest Jim Willie mentioned that Iran — who he referred to as Persia — is the 4th leg in an emerging Eurasian Trade Zone with India, China and Russia. This new trade alliance, Willie said, is establishing a ‘New Silk Road” from the ports of Lisbon, Portugal to Vladivostok, Russia and will become the dominant economic system post-US petrodollar.

Here are four developments from this week alone which signal Iran is fulfilling their rise to superpower status:

1) On April 26th Iran unveiled a contingent of domestically-produced tanks. Due to international sanctions, Iran previously lacked the industrial capacity to manufacture this level of military asset. But with the signing of the historic nuclear arms deal with the US, the Iranian military is quickly developing their capabilities.

Tasnim news agency reported that the “Tiam” is a hybrid tank with the hull of a US Patton, the turret of a Chinese Type 69, and armaments including a 105-mm cannon, a Degtyaryov 7.62-mm light machine gun, and a NSV 12.7-mm heavy machine gun. The Tiam is also equipped with reactive armor, a common countermeasure for modern battle tanks against missiles and projectiles.

2) On April 27th Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Iran will “spare no efforts to protect its security” and will actively continue to seek to boost its missile defense capabilities. Under sanctions Iran’s attempts to purchase missile defense technology from Russia were halted. However, since the easing of sanctions Tehran and Moscow have restarted the arms deals — specifically in regard to the S-300 air defense missile system — which they paraded in their National Army Day parade on April 17th.

3) On April 27th Iranian Border Guards Commander Brigadier General Qassem Rezayee announced that Iran and Iraq will stage joint war-games to boost regional security.  “We will hold joint maneuvers with Iraqi border guards in the Northern part of the Persian Gulf and Arvand River in the first half of the current Iranian year [started on March 20] in a bid to boost the regional security,” FARS news agency — Iran’s unofficial state press outlet — quoted General Rezayee’s saying Wednesday.

4) On April 27th Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Tehran has taken the recent US deployment of 250 special forces into Syria to be an act of aggression.

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