Jim Willie: Petrodollar death by July

(TRUNEWS) Statistical analyst Jim Willie says the recent moves by the rising Eurasian Trade Zone have set the stage for a historic toppling of the Anglo-American petrodollar by July.

Willie’s statements were made during an exclusive interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS  on Tuesday, while discussing the significance and meaning of a series of major geopolitical events over the past 3 months from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

In the beginning of the interview, Willie said one of his veteran sources informed him that government analysts are predicting major economic turmoil to begin in the June/July timeframe. Willie noted that if he had to guess, the July 4th holiday weekend would be the flashpoint for the unraveling of this crisis. Willie said it would be prudent for Americans to stop all investments; and begin hoarding cash, food, and water to weather this impending financial super storm.

Rick Wiles read highlights from a chronology of notably events TRUNEWS has marked in 2016 [available here].

Willie pointed to four of the events which he believes set this tectonic shift into motion.

  1. Deutsche Bank admitting Gold market rigging. (Apr 14 2016)
  2. China’s launch of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), equipped with a yuan denominated gold benchmark (April 19, 2016)
  3. “Sand bagging of the Saudi’s”, major meetings between banking elite in Washington DC to replace petrodollar (Apr 11-17 2016) 
  4. Patriarch Kiril met Pope Francis to proclaim that the Western satanic rule of world is over  (Feb 12 2016) 

Willie said these events marked a major stand by four of the oldest Eastern empires; China India, Persia and Russia. These countries, he said, are tired of the utterly bankrupt, insatiably corrupt, and flagrantly satanic Western world order. They are building a new system predicated on principles of fair commerce and a gold backed currency. A new “Silk Road” to span from Lisbon, Portugal to Vladivostok, Russia.

Additionally, Willie speculated that this new alliance — which he dubbed the Eurasian Trade Zone — has offered the West an ultimatum for survival in the form of a 10,000 ton gold lease. This, Willie said, was offered by the White Dragon society and will be used in conjunction with America’s oil and gas reserves to back a new dollar — one forced to compete fairly with the adopted currency of the Eurasian Trade Zone.

In exchange for this ultimatum the Chinese will be given favorable policies for asset acquisition — specifically ports; the ability to write and sign off on all US banking, trade, immigration and war policy; a free trade zone activity inside US; and 1/3 of all output.

If the US turns down the offer, the alternative is a global boycott of the US financial system, an option Willie believes will spawn uncontrollable chaos across the nation.

During the interview Jim Willie also discussed:

  • The elite Chinese families in the White Dragon society, and their role in the rising Eurasian Trade Zone
  • An accurate assessment of actual gold holdings of Russia, China, and the United States
  • Pope Francis’ connection to the 1970’s Argentinian Death Squads
  • The actual holdings of Foreign Treasury Bonds overseas, with emphasis on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • How the Chinese will use Shanghai Gold Exchange to introduce true price discovery to the global gold and silver market
  • The real significance behind the plan to rebrand the $20 bill and other US fiat paper currency notes
  • Future prospects for Saudi Arabia post-petrodollar death
  • Why Vladimir Putin pulled out of Syria
  • The prospects of a British exit from the EU and a pivot away from America
For the full interview listen to the Tuesday, April 26th  edition of TRUNEWS.

Full article: Jim Willie: Petrodollar death by July (TruNews)

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