Is Donald Trump the Answer?

No matter who wins in November of 2016, the candidate will be in over his/her head. As said yesterday, America’s crisis cannot be fixed with a political solution. There is a moral vacuum that needs to be filled and neither Hillary nor Trump have addressed that. The former is the exact opposite of anything moral and just.

The wounds the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations have created are likely fatal. Should Hillary win, the baton gets passed on and the corruption will continue on a whole new cynical level. Should Trump win, a far from perfect but an actual genuine candidate, expect the many poison pills intentionally left behind by previous administrations to take effect.

God is the solution for America, not laws, economics and foreign policy. Otherwise it’s game over and His hand of protection from America’s enemies will be lifted, if it hasn’t been already. 9/11 should’ve been a big hint, but people missed the message.

Many people are looking to this year’s United States presidential election as a huge turning point for the nation. On the Republican side, last night Donald Trump took a big step toward winning his party’s nomination in July. But is Donald Trump really the solution to America’s many problems? In many ways, his political views are very similar to politicians on the left. The Bible shows that neither party will fix the family breakdown—or prevent America from further decline. To hear more on this topic, be sure to listen to the latest Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

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