REVEALED: European Commission will SUE Britain just WEEKS before Brexit vote

The EU believes the lorry levy breaches the bloc’s equal treatment rules as it simultaneously lowered excise duty for British trucks – effectively, says Brussels, penalising foreign vehicles driving on UK highways.

In a letter earlier this month to German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s chief of staff Martin Selmayr expressed his “concerns” about the legality of the British model under EU law.

He also states that the Commission will start legal proceedings against Britain – a move which could drive untold numbers of undecided voters into the Brexit camp.

German news magazine Spiegel said: ”The European Commission in Brussels is currently seeking to avoid any actions that could generate negative coverage in the UK and have an unfavourable impact on the referendum vote on EU membership, scheduled to take place there on June 23.

“EU legal proceedings over a British law are the last thing Prime Minister David Cameron, and others who want to see the UK stay in the union, need at the moment.”

Full article: REVEALED: European Commission will SUE Britain just WEEKS before Brexit vote (Express)

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