MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Obama’s crash program to destroy U.S. military

A story from the blog U.S. Defense Watch, Savage noted, said the “unconscious prejudices and presuppositions” are simple facts such as that “women lack the upper body strength, the aerobic lung capacity, testosterone for aggressiveness, are more prone to injuries, while possessing a myriad of hygiene issues in the field that men do not encounter.”

Savage mimicked critics of that view, who say: “Those are false. You get that out of your head. Women are not different than men. They have no hygienic differences on the field. You get that out of your mind. Where did you get that trash from? That misogynistic garbage?”

Savage continued:

That’s what they’re going to tell the men to think about.

How the Marine Corps is rolling out mandatory training for all Marines for the first time in history in order to brainwash them into believing what is false and forgetting what is real.

That’s Barack Obama the liar at work, who’s on a vendetta, a crash program to destroy the Marine Corps before he is finally, finally sent out to pasture to ruin the world.

They’re sending out psychopathic women, like Colonel Ann Weinberg. A real hero. Colonel Ann Weinberg. She’s going to go around the country, like modern-day Soviet Zampolits, or political officers, in order to brainwash officers in the Marines that putting women in combat units on the front lines is doable and nonnegotiable.

So, I’ll give you some of the examples of what they’re going to do, because if I wrote them you’d say I’m making it up and I’m biased.

The Marine Corps rolled out a commanders toolkit of optional online classes on similar topics in late 2014, when Barry was still in his heyday, as they were getting ready to force women on the front lines.

And the U.S. Marine Corps commanders toolkit in 2016 includes not how to defeat ISIS by killing them first. Not how to shoot the enemy in the face before he shoots you in the face. But, and I’m not making this up – there’s a kit given out to commanders in the Marine Corps by Barry’s insane commanders – pregnancy simulators, breast pumps, tactical lactation station overlays, red high heels and a proper procedure to set up a unisex latrine.

If I made this up, you’d say I’m crazy. It’s not even funny. But I’m not making it up. These are insane communists running the military, put in power by the most insane president in American history.

Full article: MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Obama’s crash program to destroy U.S. military (Michael Savage)

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