EU ARMY? Fallon reveals plans for greater integration with Brussels in future wars

You’ve read the developments on Global Geopolitics for years already. The path to create an EU Army has not deviated one bit — all courtesty of the Fourth Reich and its upcoming United States of Europe.


FEARS British armed forces could be dragged into an EU army escalated after Michael Fallon said UK troops must further integrate with their European counterparts.

Mr Fallon said UK military cooperated with their European neighbours on “every front”, including British and French pilots flying each other’s jets and both nations’ ship sailing alongside one another.

But he added: “Today we take that partnership to a new level.”

Describing the new Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF), a 5,000-strong rapid deployment Anglo-French force designed to respond to humanitarian crises as well as conventional conflicts, he said a “new chapter” had opened that would take cooperation between the two nations “to greater heights”.

The Defence Secretary said: “This is no paper tiger, this is a force that from now on has the teeth, the means, the speed and the agility to act.”

Mr Fallon added that it was now unlikely that Britain would “ever go into conflict on its own again”.

However, he later sought to clarify his comments, telling Britain was not about to form an EU army but instead wanted simply to work more closely with its allies.

Speaking alongside him, Mr Fallon’s French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian said the joint exercise was just the “start” of military cooperation across the continent.

Full article: EU ARMY? Fallon reveals plans for greater integration with Brussels in future wars (Express)

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