ISIS TERROR WARNING: Major security alert as jihadis granted ‘leave’ to return home

The threat is now serious enough to warrant public drills for Britons on what to do should a terrorist attack take place:

Britain announces national training for war on terror

They’re expecting attacks and know that they can’t stop them from happening. They let the barbarians in the gate and sadly might have to pay a high price for it.


The terrifying revelations give an insight into the ease in which extremists from Europe – including Britons – are travelling in and out of the so-called caliphate created by the war-crazed cult.

ISIS files documenting the movements of the jihadis shows that hundreds of the terror group have used “exit cards” filled out by Daesh gatekeepers between 2013 and late 2014.

The documents reveal fighters’ names, their role in the heinous cult, their sponsor’s name, the date they left the proclaimed caliphate, their crossing point and why they are leaving.

A British-Iraqi under the name Abu Bakr al-Iraqi was given permission to leave to “do a job” in July 2014, leaving his UK passport in Syria.

According to the files, another jihadi stated he was leaving to “go to Libya and organise the way for the [Islamic] State”.


The jihadis who carried out the attacks in Paris and Brussels all appeared on the files and had returned from training in Syria.

Full article: ISIS TERROR WARNING: Major security alert as jihadis granted ‘leave’ to return home (Express)

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