Earth Day: Really About Red, not Green

When we look back at 1970 and who was responsible for recognizing Earth Day, we see nothing but a lineup of leftists, from academia to activists, from media to politicians. We know that for decades the environmental movement was used as cover for the advancement of communist ideals. The whole premise being business and people are bad and must be controlled by an all-powerful government. They would advance policies to try to gain that control.

That’s why Earth Day, even though many have denied there is any relation, is the same day as Lenin’s birthday. In fact, the first Earth Day coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth. Earth Day was proposed by liberal Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who envisioned a teach-in to raise awareness of environmental problems. The media jumped on the bandwagon and activists across the country started making plans for events.

The man credited as the founder of those events was Ira Einhorn. He was an environmental activist, involved in many ecological groups, easily recognized by his tie-dyed attire, and basically the head hippie of Philadelphia. Of course he was into all the things a good leftist should be into in the 60’s and 70’s: peace, free love, flower power. He even gave himself the nickname ‘Unicorn’ translated from his German Jewish last name.

But did you know this peace loving, flower child who preached against violence had another side, and another nickname. The Philadelphia police called him the Unicorn Killer, after Einhorn murdered his girlfriend Holly Maddux, and stuffed her beaten body into a trunk in his closet.

Full article: Earth Day: Really About Red, not Green (Michael Savage)

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