Australia Warned to Stand Up to China

The Communist State in China refuses to recognise Taiwan as an independent state, claiming it instead as part of the mainland.

On the evening of April 16, she spoke briefly at a friendship dinner in her honour attended by Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and his wife, state and federal elected officials and other Western and Taiwanese business leaders.

Likening China to a lion in the jungle and Taiwan as more like a “kitty cat”, Ms. Lu commended Australia for taking so many immigrants from Taiwan but warned against being played for a pawn.

“Your country is so great,” she told the dinner gathering, in Brisbane, but warned Australia not to help “feed the kitty cat to the lion”.

A graduate of National Taiwan University, the University of Illinois, and Harvard Law School, Annette Lu [Lu Hsiu-lien] has had an active political career in her native Taiwan, pursuing gender equality, human rights, political reform, Taiwan independence, and environmental protection.

In 1980 she was tortured for her efforts, then charged with sedition after leading a demonstration on Human Rights Day. As a result she served over 5 years in prison. Undaunted Ms. Lu maintained her views and twenty years later she was voted in as vice president of Taiwan, remaining from 2000 to 2008.

Currently president of Green 21 Taiwan Alliance, Ms. Lu was in Australia to share her experience and her views with Taiwanese Australians.

Full article: Australia Warned to Stand Up to China (The Epoch Times)

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