Obama Administration Makes Stunning Admission: “Seed Money For Al Qaeda Came From Saudi Arabia”

Following a dramatic deterioration in official diplomatic channels between the US and Saudi Arabia when over the weekend the Saudis threatened the U.S. with dumping billions in Treasuries if Congress were to pass a bill probing into their alleged support of Sept 11 terrorists in the aftermath of last weekend’s 60 Minutes report on the classified “28 pages” from the Septemeber 11 commission, moments ago the Obama administration made a stunning admission, when for the first time it revealed on the record that the Saudis were the original source of funding for Al Qaeda.

As Politico reports, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, while speaking to David Axelrod in Monday’s edition of “The Axe Files” podcast said that the government of Saudi Arabia had paid “insufficient attention” to money that was being funneled into terror groups and fueled the rise of Al Qaeda when he was asked about the validity of the accusation that the Saudi government was complicit in sponsoring terrorism.

At first, he tried to tone down what amount to the first official admission of Saudi involvement in September 11, saying “I think that it’s complicated in the sense that, it’s not that it was Saudi government policy to support Al Qaeda, but there were a number of very wealthy individuals in Saudi Arabia who would contribute, sometimes directly, to extremist groups. Sometimes to charities that were kind of, ended up being ways to launder money to these groups.”

But moments later the truth came out when he said “So a lot of the money, the seed money if you will, for what became Al Qaeda, came out of Saudi Arabia,” he added.

And then the punchline came out when Axelrod asked if “that happen without the government’s awareness?” To which Rhodes responded that he doesn’t believe the government was “actively trying to prevent that from happening.”

In other words, the Saudi government knew that “a number of very wealthy Saudi individuals” were funneling funds into what would become the organization blamed for the attack on the twin towers.

The conversation turned even more awkward when Axelrod, who as Obama’s former senior advisor, knows very well of Saudi involvement with both Al Qaeda and Sept 11, pushed Rhodes on at-times awkward dynamic between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, asking, “How do you explain that to Americans, that, you know, on the one hand we call them an ally on the other hand they have these deep roots in these extremist elements?”

“I would stop short of saying that there was any willful government intention from Saudi Arabia to support Al Qaeda,” Rhodes said. “I think the difficult thing that Americans need to understand is we forge these relationships with governments because we have some shared interest with them.

In other words, the state which even the U.S. government admits is behind Al Qaeda gets a pass because “we have some shared interest with them” – a shared interest that is clearly over and beyond revealing the government’s role in the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

We also wonder if today’s dramatic official admission of Saudi involvement in the Sept 11 attacks will not only infuriate even more Americans disenchanted with the fake left-right political divide, but also whether it will be grounds for US bond yields to tick up a few basis points tomorrow if Saudi Arabia finally decide to make good on its threat launch a warning salvo to the Obama administration to end the very “undiplomatic” revelations by selling a few billions in 10 Year bonds.

Full article: Obama Administration Makes Stunning Admission: “Seed Money For Al Qaeda Came From Saudi Arabia” (Zero Hedge)

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