China preparing to deploy troops rapidly

Every day, Chinese trains take millions of people to various stops around the country. Last year, the government stopped the commuting for a day along one stretch so their troops could conduct exercises designed to ship the People’s Liberation Army to the border via high-speed train, according to National Interest.

Equipment was also moved quickly from Lanzhou to Xinjiang, which has a large number of ethnic Uyghur Muslim militants.  The troops could also deploy rapidly to the border with India, which is a rival of China, or Myanmar, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, which are all unstable.  In the case of a conflict with Japan, missiles could head to the coast.

Since China has such a long border, there has been a struggle to move troops rapidly, even in training. But, the exercise proved it could be done, as Beijing continues posturing.

Full article: China preparing to deploy troops rapidly (TruNews)

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