“Russia clearly benefits from Brussels attacks”: expert

If you’ve been a reader of this site for a while, this remark about Europe taking an extreme right turn is no new news, at all.

The comment (and a few more) about Russia’s benefit in the article is from Vladimir Putin’s mouthpiece, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as seen here:



Ukraine Today is joined by Oleh Belokolos, Maidan for Foreign Affairs NGO Department of Bilateral Relations Director, to discuss the situation in Europe after Brussels attacks.

“It is very clear that [the recent terror attacks in Europe] are beneficial to Russia. And probably many Europeans are shocked by yesterday’s comment of [Russian MP] Zhyrynovskiy, who said that this is clearly beneficial to Russia,” the expert said, according to Ukraine Today.

He goes on to suggest that “the support of the far-right parties will increase and as we see the right wing parties are sympathizers of the Russian federation or personally Mr. Putin.”

Full article: “Russia clearly benefits from Brussels attacks”: expert (UNIAN)

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