China Warns U.S. Over South China Sea Presence


The Red Dragon government is not happy about a treaty reached between the United States and the Philippines last Friday…

The agreement allows for a “rotating” U.S. military presence on five Philippine bases in the South China Sea.

China believes this kind of presence is tantamount to “militarization.”

U.S.-Philippine cooperation should “not be targeted at any third party nor harm other nations’ sovereignty or security interests,” China warns U.S. officials, picked up by Reuters yesterday.

But the security of all the nations affected is part of the larger South China Sea dispute. You see, the Red Dragon claims as its own most of the waters and resource-rich archipelagos surrounding neighboring countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

These smaller, far less powerful nations believe those waters and territories, however, belong to them.

China’s warning didn’t stop at cautioning the United States against moving into what China deems its rightful territory…

Full article: China Warns U.S. Over South China Sea Presence (Money Morning)

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