Germany threatens other European countries over refugee crisis

Germany who once forced all other European countries to accept the refugees is now turning around and saying they’re responsible for the mess Germany created.




(TRUNEWS) Germany is threatening other European countries with sanctions over the refugee crisis. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has promised revenge.

They are accusing other nations of forcing the migrant problem onto Germany, as reported by The Express.

There has been a divide between European countries on how to deal with it. Millions of immigrants have fled the Middle East, Asia and Africa, which has caused an increase in crime in Europe, as reported by TRUNEWS.  Now, people are hitting the streets in protest against Merkel and her party.

Germany has taken in the most refugees – one million last year.

“We will continue to fight for a European way out of the refugee crisis as long as it also promises to be successful in diminishing the number of refugees, he said. “However, should some countries try to unilaterally shift the collective problem onto the back of Germany, it would be unacceptable and would not be without consequences from our side in the long term.”

Full article: Germany threatens other European countries over refugee crisis (TruNews)

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