U.S. Told Russia Location of Special Forces in Syria

Russia knows where U.S. special forces are operating in Syria because the United States informed the Russians of their general location.

The Washington Post reported that Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles Brown, commander of the Air Force Central Command, told journalists Thursday that the U.S. outlined the “not specific areas, but firmly broad areas” where special forces are operating in Syria to the Russians. The top general said that Russia was informed of the U.S. special forces in Syria about the time when the Obama administration announced that they were operating there, which occurred in mid-December.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said vaguely Thursday that high-ranking Pentagon officials had discussed the location of special operations forces in Syria with the Russians, but did not offer details on the timing of the discussions nor the size of the “firmly broad areas” Brown mentioned.

Cook further stated that the memorandum “does not establish zones of cooperation, intelligence sharing, or any sharing of target information in Syria.”

The full text of the memorandum was not publicly released at the request of Moscow. Cook said Thursday that the disclosure of the special forces’ location was outside the scope of the deal, explaining that it was done to ensure the U.S. forces’ safety.

“We provided a geographical area that we asked them to stay out of because of the risk to U.S. forces,” Cook said, according to the Military Times. “Up to this point, [the Russians] have honored this request.”

Full article: U.S. Told Russia Location of Special Forces in Syria (Washington Free Beacon)

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