New Chinese Ballistic Missiles Crashes the Battlefield Party With Cluster Munitions

Many Booms The DF-16B SRBM can carry submunitions to blanket areas with smart munitions to precisely target enemy vehicles and missile launcher.


Test firing the DF-16B Missile

New video footage shows a deadly Chinese missile maneuvering to destroy multiple targets.

The latest DF-16 variant, the DF-16B, introduces a payload of lethal cluster munitions. Compared to cluster bombs dropped from slower planes and cruise missiles, a ballistic missile equipped with cluster munition will only take minutes to reach its target as far as 1,000km away. The lethal payload of munitions can include guided variants, so scores of smart minibombs can quickly dispatch targets like grounded fighters, tank columns and air defense missile launchers. Thus, in addition to its role in China’s anti-access/area denial strategy of attacking enemy ships and bases, the DF-16B’s submunitions can be used to defeat other nation’s A2/AD networks (a new focus of states like Japan), by pulverizing enemy air defense and anti-ship missile batteries.

Full article: New Chinese Ballistic Missiles Crashes the Battlefield Party With Cluster Munitions (Popular Science)

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