U.S. Should Prepare for ‘Higher-Intensity’ Cyber Attacks From North Korea

New report criticizes U.S. response to cyber attacks

The United States should prepare for “higher-intensity” cyber attacks from North Korea by developing stronger policy to respond to attacks, according to a new report.

Current U.S. policy is insufficient to respond to cyber attacks from North Korea and discourage future attacks, according to the report from the Center for Strategic International Studies on North Korea’s cyber operations. As a result, current policy puts the United States “in the position of being repeatedly assailed by [low-intensity] attacks without concrete mechanisms to effectively respond.”

These low-intensity attacks, the report warns, could cost the U.S. government and private companies millions of dollars and degrade public confidence in the country’s ability to deter such attacks.

The paper, drawn from a study that began in March 2014, cites the November 2014 cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and earlier attacks on South Korean institutions as evidence that North Korea is “capable of conducting damaging and disruptive cyber attacks” and is also “heavily invested” in expanding its cyber capabilities for political and military ends.

According to the 100-page CSIS report—one of the first comprehensive U.S. studies on North Korea’s cyber operations—cyber attacks from North Korea will likely continue to be “low intensity,” though the United States should prepare for the “worst-case scenario” of higher-intensity assaults.

Full article: U.S. Should Prepare for ‘Higher-Intensity’ Cyber Attacks From North Korea (Washington Free Beacon)

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