“Sweden Could Be At War Within A Few Years”, Top General Warns

On Monday we brought you the latest from the main train station in Stockholm, where “gangs” of Moroccan migrant children have “taken over” the terminal.

Many Europeans feel as though their countries have been invaded, for lack of a better word.

Well according to Sweden’s Major General Anders Brännström, being overrun by refugees isn’t the only invasion Swedes need to concern themselves with.

“The global situation we are experiencing and which is also made clear by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years,” Brännström is quoted as saying in a brochure for representatives attending an annual Armed Forces conference in Boden next week.

Defence Committee chairman Allan Widman echoed Brännström’s sentiments. “My take is that the situation is now so serious that even Sweden, with more than 200 years of peace, must prepare themselves mentally that we can get violent conflicts in our neighborhood and conflicts involving us,” he tells Expressen before delivering the following assessment of Vladimir Putin and Russian “aggression”:

It will come sooner or later a time when Putin becomes pressured politically. The question is what he does in that state – if he apologizes and runs from the Crimea, or if he takes other measures. We’ll have to prepare ourselves for him to take different actions he has shown himself capable of before.

If Brännström is to be believed, Sweden may need the soldiers.”One can draw parallels to the 1930s,” he later told Aftonbladet, before adding that although Sweden “managed to stay out” of World War II, “it is not at all certain that the country would succeed this time.”

Full article: “Sweden Could Be At War Within A Few Years”, Top General Warns (Zero Hedge)

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