German Cities Fear Complete Social Collapse Under Refugee Pressure

The federal states are reeling from two separate crises. One of them is the refugee problem, in which over a million people have fled to Germany from war-torn nations such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The second is EU citizens claiming state benefits in Germany, which is costing the country another US$650 million a year. The federal states say the system cannot handle the avalanche of claims. 

The chief executive of German Towns and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, said a Federal Court ruling that allows EU citizens to claim social assistance after a short stay is bleeding the system.

“The world has dropped on us an enormous cost avalanche. For the local authorities this jurisprudence has dramatic consequences.”

The Federal Social Court ruled that EU migrants may receive social assistance in Germany after no more than six months. In Germany, the social assistance is higher than a conventional industrial worker’s wage in the poorest EU states.

Administrators in Germany’s federal states are struggling to keep up with the registration and deportation process because of decades of cuts to its civil service, which has left the system unable to cope with the influx of over a million refugees.

Full article: German Cities Fear Complete Social Collapse Under Refugee Pressure (Sputnik News)

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