Reports: Obama paid $1.7 billion ‘ransom’ to Iran for hostages’ release

The Obama administration has paid a “ransom” of $1.7 billion in U.S. taxpayers’ funds to Iran for the release of American hostages, critics and Iran officials said.

The administration insists the payment was a decades-old legal settlement with Teheran and was not tied to the recent release of five American hostages, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon. The payment was made to Iran prior to the hostages being freed.

“Obama officials are the last people on earth who are pretending that the $1.7 billion wasn’t a ransom payment,” a foreign policy consultant who worked with Congress on the nuclear deal told the Free Beacon.

“Everyone else knows what happened, which is that we rewarded Iranian hostage takers. The hostage takers certainly aren’t fooled, which is why they’re already looking for more Americans to kidnap. They need to restock.”

Officials also told the Beacon that the $1.7 billion settlement is separate from the nuclear deal and the $150 billion in unfrozen cash assets the United States is obligated to give Iran under the agreement.

The payment, the Obama administration said, was its effort to “make good” on a deal the U.S. made to provide military equipment to Iran following the 1979 Islamic revolution. Iran gets the $400 million balance to settle the deal, plus $1.3 billion in interest from the Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund, a federal account that the executive branch uses to settle international legal claims, a State Department official said.

Obama administration officials explained that the $1.7 billion payment was actually a victory for the United States since Iran sought larger amounts of interest.

Full article: Reports: Obama paid $1.7 billion ‘ransom’ to Iran for hostages’ release (World Tribune)

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