Russian Coalition Debuts Future Tech in Final Assault on ISIS Held Aleppo

Argo Mobility Platform


The Russian military intervention, which began in late August, has lifted the Syrian army out of what was thought to be a lost war. Russian air strikes, as well as the introduction of artillery, trained ground units, and T-90 tanks, have put Bashar al-Assad’s army on the offensive for the first time in the long conflict.

Robotics Debut in Aleppo Push

Debka also confirmed that the Russians have deployed their first round of military grade robots in the Syrian arena, and they will reportedly play a star role in the offensive for the recovery of Aleppo.

Two kinds of robots are being fielded by the Russians – the Platform-M combat robot and the Argo Mobility Platform, both heavily armored and capable of functioning day or night in a variety of battlefield conditions. Platform-M gathers intelligence, uncovers fixed and moving targets and destroys them.  It also provides firepower support for forces on the move and secures military installations or routes traveled by the army.  Platform-M is armed with semiautomatic or automatic control firing systems and can be outfitted with extra fire power as required.

The Argo is designed for rough-country operations, especially on mountainous or rocky terrain. In recent battles, Syrian rebels were startled to find themselves under sudden heavy fire from the unmanned Russian robots.

Future Battlefield Technology

Russian General Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov recently spoke of a plan to “completely automate the battle in Syria.” He added, “Perhaps soon we will witness robotic groups independently conducting warfare.”

Full article: Russian Coalition Debuts Future Tech in Final Assault on ISIS Held Aleppo (TruNews)

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