Report: Russian Military Presence in Syria Upgrading Military Skills of Hezbollah

JERUSALEM—The Russian military presence in Syria is significantly upgrading the military skills of Hezbollah, according to an Israeli general.

In a report for a Washington think tank, Gen.Muni Katz, a former commander of the Israeli division posted on the Lebanese border, said that the Lebanese militia, whose strategy against Israel had previously been defense oriented, is indirectly picking up lessons in sophisticated offensive warfare from their new Russian comrades-in-arms who have joined them in fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The report was written by Katz and American scholar Nadav Pollak for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The authors do not suggest that the Russians are deliberately grooming Hezbollah for confrontation with Israel but note that the lessons available to Hezbollah are an inevitable result of close working relationship with the Russians and their common goal in Syria.

“Hezbollah will be exposed to Russian military thought, which entails sophisticated operational concepts and advanced military planning skills,” they write.

“Hezbollah now has a front-row seat to watch he variety of weapon systems and equipment the Russians are bringing to bear in Syria,” the authors write. “The group can learn how to use its existing weapons more effectively and examine systems it might want to procure in the future.” Such systems could include anti-aircraft missiles and advanced rocket systems as well as weaponry hitherto unfamiliar to Hezbollah.

Full article: Report: Russian Military Presence in Syria Upgrading Military Skills of Hezbollah (Washington Free Beacon)

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