GERMANY ON THE BRINK: Masked raiders run riot as migrants attacked over sex assaults

Waving flags and banners emblazoned with ‘Rapefugees Not Welcome’ crowds of right-wing activists weaved their way through the city of Leipzig, demanding action from the authorities following the Cologne assaults.

But the peaceful protest turned to chaos as a mob wearing masks split from the sea of activists before rampaging through the city throwing fireworks, breaking windows and vandalising buildings, police said.

They put up barricades and vandalised property, setting fire to one building, while holding placards saying “Leipzig bleibt Helle”, or “Leipzig stays light”, an apparent reference to the skin colour of residents.

The rally was organised by LEGIDA, the local chapter of far-right group PEGIDA, as a direct reaction to the sex assaults.

Waving a sign which said “State of injustice”, 44-year-old demonstrator Lukas Richter said: “Merkel is breaching the constitution and must go” and that “the government must close the borders and return all illegal migrants”.

He claimed the New Year’s Eve mob attacks in the western city of Cologne – where hundreds of women reported being groped and robbed by men described as being of Arabic or North African appearance – highlighted “the violence of foreigners in Germany that has existed for years”.

But the fractured community has begun taking matters into its own hands with vigilante mobs attacking people in Cologne, leaving at least two in hospital, after calls on social media for revenge.

Two Pakistani nationals were admitted to hospital after six men were attacked by a mob of 20 people near the city’s main train station – the scene of the New Year’s Eve attacks – on Sunday.

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