TERROR WARNING: Jihadis being trained launch attacks on Europe at ‘ISIS UNIVERSITY’

One look at the video screen cap makes you wonder where they get their material.



Over eight hours of footage was recorded by Islamic State


ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is running a sophisticated training academy where jihadis are being trained to down passenger airliners with rockets and carry out sophisticated bomb attacks on European cities, it emerged today.

Footage recorded inside the advanced university of terror reveals how ISIS has achieved a horrifying level of technological competence, developing new weapons which could cause carnage and huge civilian casualties.

The warped terror group has managed to recommission thousands of old warheads and has even developed driverless cars designed to outwit sensors used to guard military and Government buildings from bomb attacks.

In the films they boast of the huge stockpiles of explosives and advanced weaponry acquired by ISIS, give tips on how to make highly-sophisticated bombs and carry out deadly attacks on major cities.

But the most worrying revelation to emerge from the leaked tapes was confirmation that jihadi scientists have managed to develop a technique to recommission thousands of heat-seeking warheads previously thought defunct through old age.

Until now they had been thought unusable by the terror group because they lacked the advanced thermal batteries needed to power the missile parts.

But ISIS weapons scientists have stunned Western intelligence services by developing homemade versions of the complicated batteries, meaning they could now have a huge arsenal with which to target innocent civilians.

Once locked on, the missiles are 99 per cent accurate and they would mean the jihadis could target passenger planes at will without the need to smuggle bombs past airport security, like when they downed a Russian jet over the Sinai.

Other footage from the terrifying training videos shows two jihadi fighters testing out a driverless car, designed to be packed with explosives and driven at high value targets in the West.

The pair can be seen sitting in the driver’s and passenger’s seat of the car as it steers, accelerates and breaks by itself, presumably being remotely controlled by a third militant off screen.

Horrifyingly the hate group has even developed lifelike human mannequins to place behind the wheel of the vehicles which emit a heat signature designed to fool the sensors which guard British Government buildings.

ISIS scientists claim that the remote-controlled cars are kitted out with un-jammable radio sets, meaning intelligence services would not be able to disrupt the signal and prevent a catastrophe. 

Such a development would end the terror group’s current need to sacrifice militants as suicide car bombers at a time when it is running increasingly short of fighters.

And terrifyingly an ISIS defector, who is now living in Turkey, revealed that the top secret training programme is largely aimed at promoting attacks in Europe and America.

He said: “Videoing and documenting this training programme was meant for Europe to cause huge damage.

“If it was meant internally (inside Syria) they could send someone to set an explosive device or wire a car as they are able to do this (openly).

“But doing such a programme and documenting it was meant to target a large number of people and in more than one location, of course it wasn’t meant either for Syria or Iraq.”

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