Report: Russia using Iran air bases for waging war in Syria

Russian warplanes are using an Iranian air base to launch attacks on anit-Assad regime rebels in Syria, according to a report.

“The Iranian armed forces appear to be allowing Russian aircraft to use their military airfields in support of combat operations over Syria,” said a report by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) titled “The Russo-Iranian Military Coalition In Syria May Be Deepening.”

The report said Moscow, in its drive to prop up the Bashar Assad regime in Syria, has become “more dependent” on Iran that Western analysts had previously thought.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “requires a clear and reliable air corridor from Russia to Syria,” the report said. “That corridor must transit Iranian airspace, given the rising tensions between Russia and Turkey. This fact increases Russia’s dependence on Iran and suggests that there will be limits to the degree to which Putin can afford to antagonize Iran’s leaders in pursuit of his own policies and interests in Syria.”

“Iranian fighters have been escorting Russian bombers as they transit Iranian airspace for some time,” the AEI report said.

Full article: Report: Russia using Iran air bases for waging war in Syria (World Tribune)

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