Military Brass Worries Paris Deal Could Hurt Military Operations

The U.S. military may be forced to drastically reduce its carbon footprint as a result of the Paris Agreement passed last week.

Even though American officials never signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the U.S. was able to avoid being obliged to report or curb the greenhouse gases emitted by the military.

Even though President Barack Obama is not considering the military cut its gas emissions, there is still concern in Republican circles that future presidents might force the Pentagon into abiding by the Paris Agreement’s reporting rules.

Thus media functionaries and think tanks are suggesting measures be taken to assure the exemptions wrought from the Kyoto Protocol stay in place after the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement cold be used as a Trojan horse to get the military to dial down its international footprint, Steven Groves, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told The Guardian in an interview.

Full article: Military Brass Worries Paris Deal Could Hurt Military Operations (The Daily Caller)

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