German Armed Forces Take Part in First Mission in Syria

A30 MRTT tank jet of Germany’s Army Bundeswehr (File)


BERLIN (Sputnik) —  The German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, took part in their first mission aimed to support the international anti-terrorist operation in Syria, German media reported Wednesday, citing the mission’s commander.

On late Tuesday and early Wednesday, Germany’s Airbus A310 aerial refueling jet twice provided in-flight refueling to fighter jets conducting airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIL, or Daesh in Arabic) terrorist positions, according to Bild newspaper.

On December 4, Germany’s parliament approved a proposal to conduct a military campaign in Syria against Daesh, a group outlawed in a number of countries worldwide, including Russia and the United States.

The mission is expected to involve up to 1,200 German troops and estimated to cost about $141.7 million, with its end set for December 31, 2016.

Full article: German Armed Forces Take Part in First Mission in Syria (Sputnik News)

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