Angela Merkel warns eurozone crisis is far from over after ‘year of crises’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reflects on a year of turmoil, including the Greek crisis and Paris terror attacks

Angela Merkel has warned that the turmoil facing the eurozone is far from over, as the German Chancellor reflected on a “year of crises” including the Paris terror attacks and a huge influx of refugees.

Ms Merkel said the mistakes made by the creators of the single currency project were yet to be addressed.

“We have not yet overcome the crisis,” Ms Merkel told members of her conservative Christian Democrats Union (CDU) party at a conference on Monday.

The Chancellor received an eight-minute standing ovation at the end of her speech, as she discussed Europe’s refugee crisis and pledged to “noticeably reduce” inflows into Germany next year.

Ms Merkel said the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris, the Germanwings plane crash that killed all 150 people on board, the refugee crisis, and the terror attacks in the French capital were part of an “dense trail of events” for Europe this year. “2015 was an unbelievable year, difficult to imagine,” she said.

Ms Merkel also praised Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany’s finance minister, for his handling of the Greek bail-out negotiations, as she stressed that creditor nations would not put taxpayer cash at risk without pledges on reforms.

The Chancellor also said Europe’s financial and economic union had not been completed.

Full article: Angela Merkel warns eurozone crisis is far from over after ‘year of crises’ (The Telegraph)

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